Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Insanely Fast Gear Is Why Thunderbolt's Gonna Matter Real Soon [Thunderbolt]. The Thunderbolt I/O interface is the darling of Apple and Intel. Introduced on the MacBook Pro line in late February, the port is still largely collecting dust. More » [Gizmodo]
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Time-lapse Tuesday: Biggest Greenland glacier break-up. See images of the Petermann glacier before and after a massive ice calving [New Scientist - Online News]
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Super-Earth discovered in a habitable zone. The discovery of 600 new exoplanets strengthens astronomers' suspicions that habitable planets must be common [New Scientist - Online News]
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iPhone 5: Expect Stronger Demand Than Ever [REPORT] (Mashable). Mashable - Turns out the tech press isn't alone in lusting after the phone Apple is expected to unveil within the next month. More people are likely to buy the iPhone 5 than were ready to put their money down for an iPhone 4 before that launched, according to a survey of 2,200 potential cellphone buyers. The survey, conducted last month for ChangeWave Research, shows that 31% of customers who are currently shopping for a new phone consider it "very likely" (13%) or "somewhat likely" (18%) they will end up with an iPhone 5 in their hands. Compare that with the numbers for the iPhone 4 -- 12% and 13% respectively -- and what you have is a level of pent-up demand that is unprecedented in surveys like this. [Yahoo! News: Technology News]
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 Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Intel Will Thin Out, Shrink in Size and Defy Moore's Law [Hardware]. Intel officially let loose with a processor roadmap that's filled with all sorts of goodies for hardware-loving geeks. More » [Gizmodo]
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 Monday, May 30, 2011

Japanese Company Wants to Turn Moon Into Disco Ball [Space]. The moon is pretty, we guess, but what has it ever done for us? Nothing. Until now! The Shimizu Corporation, an enormous contracting conglomerate, has a plan to turn the moon into a giant, solar panel-covered disco ball, providing "13,000 terawatts of continuous solar energy being transmitted back to receiving stations on Earth, either by laser or microwave." (This is all according to the not-particularly-reputable Daily Mail.) The panels would form a "6,800 mile-long band stretching around the light side of the moon's equator," so, not exactly a disco ball, but pretty close. Finally, a use for the moon! [Daily Mail via PourMeCoffee; images via Shutterstock] More » [Gizmodo]
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 Friday, May 27, 2011

Nanoparticles and Their Nifty Uses. From fighting cancer to carrying electrons, nanoparticles are being put to use in ways that neither single atoms nor bulk macroscale materials can.

[Wired Top Stories]
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 Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Space Sphere Contains a Secret Message to Aliens [Space]. This is LAGEOS. Since 1976, this perfect disco sphere has been orbiting Earth carrying 426 cube corner reflectors made of fused silica glass—except four, made of germanium. It also contains a coded message, designed by Dr. Carl Sagan: More » <[Gizmodo]
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 Friday, May 13, 2011

Marshall Says Apple, Google Hearing May Affect Reputation .

May 10 (Bloomberg) -- Brian Marshall, an analyst at Gleacher & Co., talks about today's congressional hearing about the use of customer-location data by Apple Inc. and Google Inc. Marshall, speaking with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television's "InsideTrack," also discusses the possibility of Microsoft Corp. buying Skype Technologies SA. (Source: Bloomberg)

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 Friday, May 6, 2011

The Navy SEAL Team 6 Dog Is a Bigger Badass Than You [Dogs]. The word circulating among news outlets is that a single dog was involved in the Osama bin Laden raid. According to the UK Sun, dogs (typically German Shepherds) involved in Navy SEAL operations are usually strapped with armor and cameras to sniff for explosives, attack armed foes and provide valuable intel for soldiers. More » [Gizmodo]
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Flexible smartphone set for debut. A prototype flexible smart phone made of electronic paper has been created by Canadian researchers. [BBC News - Home]
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